The Flip Flop Regatta Founders

Kelly Bresnahan
Gregg Nourjian
Alec Stern
Tom Zauli

In Memory Of Ally

Ally loved flip flops. And she loved sailing. Most of all, she loved a good party for a great cause. So it’s fitting that her friends founded the Flip Flop Regatta eleven years ago in her memory and in support of ALLY Foundation.

So throw on your flip flops and Sail For A Change for ALLY Foundation. It’s a great time, for an even better cause.

Ally Zapp Alexandra Nicole Zapp was brutally murdered by a repeat sex offender on July 18, 2002. That night, Alexandra drove to Boston for a charity cruise and a concert. On her way home to Newport, Rhode Island, she stopped at a rest area in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. When Ally went into the Burger King restaurant at the rest stop, the manager that took her order took special notice of her because "she was nice to me, she treated me like a human being." That would be the last conversation that Ally would ever have. Neither Ally nor the night manager could have any way of knowing that a dangerous sexual predator, Paul Leahy, with twenty four convictions including rape and kidnapping was working in their midst; completely unsupervised, untreated, and recently released from prison by the state.

How your support is helping ALLY Foundation

Proceeds from fundraising events held by ALLY Foundation support research and development for The ALLY Institute.

It is important to ALLY Foundation that our generous and loyal supporters know that they are appreciated and that the funds raised are helping to make a difference.  Please reach out to us for any inquiries about our fundraising and where the organization is going in the future.

Flip Flop Regatta Race Officers

Principle Race Officer: Tom Duggan, International Race Officer

Honorary Chairmen: Peter Reggio

Once again we are proud to announce the continued support of Peter Reggio as Honorary Chairmen.

In addition to his 13 years race management experience with FIGAWI, Tom has functioned as an International Race Officer, Umpire and Judge for events such as the IOD North American’s, several Heineken Regattas, and the 2004 Olympic trials (Star Class) along with the 2007 Olympic Trials. Among too many accomplishments to list, Peter was the Principle Race Officer for the 2007 America’s Cup.

The story of the Flip Flop Regatta Burgee


"Burgee as defined by the Oxford American Dictionary is a flag bearing the colors and/or emblem of a sailing club, typically triangular.

The Flip Flop Regatta burgee differs only in the fact that it does not represent a sailing club alone. Rather, it represents our social group or club if you will.

Each white star represents a decade of Ally's life; the field of green on which the stars rest, her time here with us on earth; the green and pink border creates a chevron pointing outward toward the future, in which we all reside. The pink color represents all of us, as a group and our happiness in having known Ally. In essence the colors are symbiotic of the relationship each one of us has with Ally and each other.”

—Ian McLaughlin

The Flip Flop Regatta Burgee flies freely on hundreds of boats through out the New England waters. Please join us to “Sail for a Change"